How to be involved in the SEMA program

Would Like to Be a Volunteer In SEMA


This standard consent form should be completed by young people (under the age of 18) and their parents/guardians as well as adults who may be involved in any photography, filming, audio-taping or interviewing organised by or on behalf of SAI/ServantForge, our partners and affiliates – it is not applicable to those photographed or filmed as part of a large group or in the background.

This form confirms that participants have agreed to be photographed, filmed, audio-taped or interviewed and permits SAI/ServantForge to use some or all of their image/contribution/performance in any publication (including electronic publications such as films or websites) created by or for SAI/ServantForge and to release this material to other parties for appropriate use.

SAI/ServantForge owns all copyright (in some cases joint copyright) to the photographs, films or written copy that it produces. The forms will be retained on file by the SAI/ServantForge office which organised the recording/photography/interview.

1) I have agreed to contribute to or participate in the above recording/photography/interview.

2) I agree that some or all of my contribution/performance/images may be used by SAI/ServantForge and/or its licensees in any media worldwide without restriction. I grant any licence that may be required for this under any applicable law or regulation.




This form should be signed by all contributors who can read and write and are old enough to understand what they are agreeing to. Where the contributor is under 18 years of age, their parent/guardian must also give consent.

I confirm that I am the contributor’s parent/guardian and agree to the above on behalf of the contributor.



Consent by third party


In the case of the child and the parent/guardian being unable to read or write an independent person should sign the form on behalf of the family. This could be a teacher or community volunteer.

The third party person will explain to the family:

I have discussed the above points in relation to filming/photography/interview(s) with the contributor and/or their parent/guardian. I confirm that the contributor and/or their parent/guardian have understood the above points and agree to participate in the above recording.